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Quality Control

Policies & Procedures

– National Nurses Plus adheres to comprehensive policies & procedures, which are reviewed and updated annually.

Operational Systems

– Cutting edge technology provides accurate and immediate data enabling National Nurses Plus to operate effectively and efficiently. Systems are reviewed and revised based on client and staff feedback.

Skills Assessments

– Skills assessments are carried out annually, and as required, ensuring that staff are always adequately trained.

Mandatory Training

– To maintain our quality of service all National Nurses Plus staff members are required to undertake Mandatory Annual Training.

Staff & Client Surveys

– Regular staff and client surveys are undertaken ensuring that our operational standards deliver quality outcomes.

Consultative Approach

– National Nurses Plus adopts a consultative approach in our dealings with clients and staff to encourage all stakeholders in open and honest communication.

Workplace Health & Safety

National Nurses Plus adheres to all Workplace Health & Safety legislation.

National Nurses Plus – WH&S Policy Statement

  • It is the policy of the Company that every employee, non-employee and member of the public, shall be provided with a safe and healthy work environment. To this end, every practicable and reasonable effort will be made to fulfill the legislative requirements in the fields of accident prevention, fire protection, health preservation, the promotion and awareness of workplace health and safety related matters and the prevention of damage to property and equipment.
  • It is the duty of the employee to take reasonable care for the employee’s own health and safety and that of others and to co-operate with the Company to comply with occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Health and Safety Representatives and Safety Committees shall be appointed where legislative requirements dictate or where requested by employees or relevant trade unions in line with applicable legislation.
  • The Company will prepare and revise, as often as necessary, a written statement on the Company’s Health and Safety Policy and arrangements in place for carrying out that Policy.
  • The Policy Statement will be prominently displayed and brought to the notice of all employees, non-employees and members of the public who have cause to visit Company workplaces.

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